Four New Creatives in Residence Set to Inspire Students at Hereford College of Arts

Lucy Baxendale

Lucy Baxendale

Hereford College of Arts (HCA) has recently welcomed four new Creatives in Residence, who will be using the specialist workshop facilities in the College to produce a final exhibition in April.

Local dancer Chris Knight, former student and Mixed Media Artist Lucy Baxendale, Printmaker Andrea McLean and Illustrator Katy Alston will be developing their work in the workshops alongside students and delivering talks to them during their time at the College. This will allow students to familiarise themselves with the artists and benefit from their range of expertise in their specialist areas.

Lucy Baxendale graduated from Hereford College of Arts in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Applied Arts. Since then, she has also taken part in two of the College’s evening ceramic classes, and has exhibited her work at the College. Her focus is on creating evocative, imaginary creatures in ceramics and she intends to expand her knowledge of clay and glazes by using the College’s facilities.

“I would like to further explore the world in my imagination,” says Lucy. “There are creatures there who grow forests from their finger tips and out of their tails. There are ones that wear friendly masks to hide their threatening faces, and others have hands for feet. The reasons for these things are still unknown – like the founder of a new land I want to learn about and document everything here.”

Andrea McLean’s project is to make a map from copper plates to celebrate the life and vision of Herefordshire poet Thomas Traherne during the scheme. She plans to undertake some in depth research on Hereford, looking at historic maps and working directly from the landscape, so Hereford College of Arts is the ideal place to carry out her research and ideas.

Dancer Chris Knight plans to create a piece of choreographic work, taking into account Japanese ideas about aesthetics in art that he has encountered. He also wants to explore how dance is taught in the UK and develop a series of exercises that any dance teacher can use to allow students to exercise their creativity. Chris will work closely with the Performing Arts department at the College.

Katy Alston’s work is focused on the medium of ‘book arts’, making 3D illustrations using pen and ink, and aims to base her work around creating a carousel book and printmaking, playing on size and scale. She is also considering making something specific to the College, such as an annotated model, and is looking forward to sharing ideas with the students.

“We are really excited about the amazing imaginations and creativity of the Residents this year.” says Sophie Foulkes, who is managing the scheme and was a Creative in Residence herself in 2013. “They have an incredible opportunity to fully take advantage of our resources and the atmosphere of the College to inspire their work, and we can’t wait to see what they produce as a result.

For more information about the College, and the Creatives in Residence scheme, visit

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