Apprentice Nick kicks his way to World Championship medals

Apprentice Nick kicks his way to World Championship medalsAn apprentice studying at Warwick Trident College has scooped two medals at the World Kickboxing Union (WKU) World Championships in Spain.

Nick Stott, 18 from Brackley, is an engineering apprentice with 3P Innovation in Warwick which involves studying one day a week at Warwick Trident College. He picked up a bronze medal in Full Contact Kickboxing and a silver medal in K1-Kickboxing to go with his British Championship in Mixed Martial Arts which he won earlier this year. This is all despite Nick only taking up the sport seriously in the past year.

Nick said, “I did karate when I was 7 or 8, but started back with kickboxing and ju-jitsu just for fitness in 2014. I went to a regional competition and saw Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) which looked interesting so I entered the competition and accidentally won! It has just snowballed from there. I won the English Championships and the British Championships and so was invited to be a part of Team England who I now train with regularly .”

Nick trains six times a week in a variety of disciplines and it has all paid off. He said, “My parents are super proud, although I think they were quite shocked that I’m doing MMA as most of my family are into motorsport! My employers and the college have also been really supportive as well which really helps as they have been flexible to allow me to train and compete.”

Nick described his feelings after picking up his medals, “It didn’t hit me until I returned to my hotel room when I saw my two medals on the bedside table. Building up to going and actually fighting I did all I could to think of it as ‘just another competition’, but when I saw the two medals on the table it finally clicked that I was the second and third best in the world in my weight categories.

“Standing on the podium twice and receiving the medals was amazing, but I don’t think anything will ever come close to the feeling on having my hand raised after my first K1 fight. Countless people have won fights nationally, but to win one at a world championships was something I cannot describe. I felt out of my depth but winning that fight was the first time I thought, actually I’m not bad at this!”

Nick’s next goal is Tokyo 2020. He says, “I would love to fight at the Olympics, so I’m looking to transfer to Taekwondo as MMA and kickboxing are not Olympic sports. I will keep the full contact training and competing going because that is my passion, but I will now start training and competing in Taekwondo.”

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