Equine lecturer Donna’s heading for the Horseball World Cup

Equine lecturer Donna’s heading for the Horseball World Cup1

Donna and Roo

Moreton Morrell College equine course manager Donna Allen and her horse Roo have been selected for Team GB’s Horseball squad for the World Cup in Portugal next week.

Horseball is a spectacular equestrian sport that can be defined as a mix of “basketball and rugby on horseback”. Inspired on the Argentinian “Pato” it was started in France by French Army Captain Clave, a show jumping World Champion. Teams of four aim to score points by shooting the ball through a high net (approximately 1.5m x 1.5m) which stands on each end of the field as a goal.

Donna got into the sport after seeing it at the Olympia Horse Show in London, and formed the “Warwickshire Warriors” who she still plays for and manages today. They have been very successful, winning the British League, British Open and competing in the Champions League in France.

Equine lecturer Donna’s heading for the Horseball World Cup2

She says, “The sport at a high level needs very good riding ability to control the horse at speed with the seat, also good ball skills, flexibility, core strength and the psychological skills to be ability to work in team.”

Donna was selected for Team GB after trials in February and a selection process to get to the final squad of eight. She says, “It’s been a long and hard fought process as it’s based on a combination of playing ability and dedication to getting your horse fit and well trained.”

Having previously played for Team GB, the waiting process to hear about the selection was still intense for Donna. She says, “The nerves, excitement and feeling sick were as high as when I was waiting on my first ever selection back in 1998! Once the email arrived and I was listed I was exalted – it’s an immense privilege to represent your country and every time is special for different reasons.”

Equine lecturer Donna’s heading for the Horseball World Cup3

Donna also encourages equine students at Moreton Morrell College to try out the sport. She says, “I run have-a-go sessions for our higher education equine students during the academic year. It’s a true team sport which is unique in equestrianism, where riders generally compete as individuals and not working together like in team sports such as rugby. So I feel it’s great for improving team working skills in a fun environment.

“You also need to ride with your seat and use your hands to catch and throw the ball so helps improve riding ability too. The skill of picking the ball up off the ground requires the use of the core muscles and improves flexibility both of which are important for correct riding in general. Therefore riders gets a good workout while having fun!”

You can follow the Horseball World Cup at www.fihbworldcup.net.

Moreton Morrell College offers a range of equine courses at a variety of levels. For more information go to www.warwickshire.ac.uk/courses or call 0300 456 0049.

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